1. Discounted hours are only valid if contracted for at least three months. You have the right to cancel any time, however only services will be provided, instead of a refund, to satisfy any remaining hours due. If cancellation occurs in less than 3 months, the discount is nullified and charges will be immediately due to be equivalent of the standard rate of $75 hourly. (A difference of $25 per hour multiplied by the number of hours in your package). Payments are due for autobilling or every 30 days. Late fees may apply according to our standard terms on the pricing page of this website.

2. Prices are for time & designs only. Out of pocket expenses including but not limited to printing, photography, postage, advertising, media placement rates, domain registration, hosting, credit card processing, and  delivery are additional. Administrative and revision time counts towards total hours.

3. All work will be performed off-site. FaceTime / Video Calls are available. All drafts and finals will be delivered via email for approvals or printing. 

4. We may provide an estimate of hours needed when each project is assigned. We will also provide a balance of hours periodically at the completion of assigned tasks. If further hours are needed beyond the hours allotted per month, you have the option of selecting a higher package for the month or paying for additional hours at the standard rate of $75 per hour.

5. Payments are due monthly prior to the month services are provided. Billing dates are based on the date of the month you initiate autopay.
For 16 Hours/month Packages or higher, you can pay  a 50% lump sum deposit on the total, with the balance due at the end of the contract. 

6. All designs with the exception of standard size business cards, letterhead and envelopes, will bear a “Design by” credit & web address. If desired, you may select its location. We retain the right to publish and display it online, print, social media or for recognition of creative excellence.

7. Although our designs have proven to show a great return on investment for our clients, the services and work product are provided “As Is” and provide no guarantee of sales or responses arising out of its use or distribution. 

8. Payment means you have read and agreed to these and the full terms and conditions on our pricing page and it constitutes your digital signature and agreement to binding arbitration for any legal disputes.

For small businesses & ministries only for graphic design and marketing. SEO & Social Media Marketing and Political, corporate & government accounts should request pricing.

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