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Did You Know?

Most companies spend 5 to 15% of annual revenue on marketing?

Of your marketing budget, approximately 35 to 45% should be spent on digital marketing. 


Goals: Is success a larger audience, more conversions, or both?

Frequency: How many posts are we publishing per week?

Content formats: How many videos are we editing per month?

Channel strategy: How many social platforms are we actively managing?

Community management: Are we commenting reactively, proactively, and how often?

Account management: Would you prefer to connect one, two, or four times per month?

How Much Is Each Sale Worth To You?
6 Plans To Choose From


  • Monthly Consulting

    Every month
    • *You know how to post but need content creation guidance
    • *You need help running ads
    • We create a custom monthly content calendar tailored for you
    • App subscription for post scheduling
    • Calendar & Email Reminders
    • 1 Boosted Post Campaign Per Month (Ad budget extra)
  • Silver

    Every month
    • Audit
    • Competitor Research
    • Strategy Plan
    • 2 Platforms
    • Custom Branded Profiles
    • 3 Posts Per Week
    • Weekly Stories
    • Monthly Meeting
    • Paid Ads Management*
    • Link in Bio Customization
    • Video Posts / Reels
    • Likes & Comment Replies
    • Monthly Analytics Reporting
    • *Ad budget is extra. Recommend Min. $500 : 75K Impressions
  • Most Popular


    Every month
    • Audit
    • Competitor Research
    • Strategy Plan & Style Guide
    • 3 Platforms
    • Custom Branded Profiles
    • 5 Posts Per Week
    • 3 Stories Per Week
    • Monthly Meetings
    • Paid Ads Management*
    • Link in Bio Customization & Updates
    • Video Posts / Reels
    • Engagement with other Accounts / Automation Tools
    • Likes, Comment, Mentions & DM Replies
    • Monthly Analytics Reporting
    • *Ad budget is extra. Recommend Min. $1000 : 150K Impressions
  • Diamond

    Every month
    • Audit
    • Competitor Research
    • Strategy Plan & Style Guide
    • 4 Platforms & Linktree
    • Custom Branded Profiles
    • Daily Posts
    • Daily Stories
    • Weekly Meetings
    • *Paid Ads Management
    • Sales / Traffic Funnel Pages
    • Link in Bio Customization
    • Email Marketing, Auto DMs & Checkin Invites
    • Likes, Comment, Mentions & DM Replies
    • Video Posts / Reels
    • Website, Mobile Optimized & SEO
    • Automation Tools & Strategic Engagement
    • 2 SEO Blog Articles / Month
    • Influencer & Google Campaigns
    • In depth Analytics Reporting
    • *Ad budget is extra
  • SEO Blog Articles

    Every month
    • *Great as an a la carte service
    • *Or a perfect complement to a smaller social media package
    • SEO Keyword Research
    • 4 SEO Articles / Month
    • Creative helpful shareable content
    • Help people find your service who don't know your name
    • Improve Your Google Ranking

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1. There is a minimum 6 month commitment, We invest significant time in strategies for the long term effectiveness of your organization, in establishing account connections and thoroughly learning your organization and goals. So canceling prior to this time frame would negate this work and not be a worthwhile endeavor for either party. It also takes time to see growth. We expect the same level of commitment and investment in us, as we do in you. You may cancel anytime after the 6 month minimum, with 45 day notice. Please note only services will be provided, instead of a refund, to satisfy any remaining hours due. 

2. Payments are due each month on auto billing or every 30 days. Payments are due monthly prior to the month services are provided. Billing dates are based on the date of the month you initiate autopay or your contract. Late fees may apply if payment is received after the due date, according to our standard terms on the pricing page of this website. Prices are for time & designs only. Out of pocket expenses including but not limited to software as a service subscriptions, printing, photography, postage, advertising, media placement rates, domain registration, hosting, credit card processing, and  delivery are additional. Administrative and revision time counts towards total hours.

3. All work will be performed off-site. FaceTime / Video Calls are available. All drafts and finals will be delivered via email for approvals or printing. 

4. If further hours are needed beyond the hours allotted per month, you have the option of selecting a higher package for the month or paying for additional hours at the standard rate of $100 per hour. Extensive editing of videos longer than 15 minutes are not included. If necessary, video edit time may use time allotted for posts.

5. All designs will bear a “Design by” credit & web address. If desired, you may select its location. We retain the right to publish and display it online, print, social media or for recognition of creative excellence.

6. Plans starting at the bronze area include content creation. Some organizations may require a point person onsite to provide photographs, videos and information to supplement our offsite work for total effectiveness or we may schedule time onsite for periodic batch content creation. 

7. Payment means you have read and agreed to these terms as well as the full terms and conditions on our pricing page. Payment constitutes your digital signature and agreement to all of our terms and to binding arbitration for any legal disputes.