Shown below are prices are for straight production projects based on our rate of $100/ hour.  Corporate work, large projects or clients requiring heavy administrative time, consulting and meetings are on retainer,  are billed hourly or require custom estimates.  All projects below are a flat rate. Prices shown below are the 50% deposit required to start and unless noted do not include printing. Remaining balances are due when completed.
Full terms are outlined below.

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your business and being a part of our 17 years of success.


We now accept PayPal Credit, a flexible payment option that offers you 6 months no interest on invoices over $99. Easy approval through PayPal, use this to get additional services from us to grow your business. As a bonus, it will be a payment method on your PayPal account, that you may even use to pay other vendors. If you'd like to pay this way, notify us in advance and we will send this type of invoice for you to apply during checkout.

To help us meet the deadlines of our production schedule, we ask that clients begin work with us prepared with company name, phone, fax, email, mailing address, proofed & approved writing, clear images and other essential content  already in place to be incorporated into designs. Otherwise, it is best to wait to agree to this contract until you are ready. We ask that all clients are committed to working with us to complete projects in a timely manner, setting aside time to provide feedback as requested. 


To continue to provide agency quality work at affordable prices, our rates are for straight production time. Beyond the initial consultation if a meeting is required for more than 10 minutes, it will be billed at our hourly rate of $100/hr. Unless noted, printing and media placement rates are additional. Domain registration, hosting, credit card processing & transaction fees, envelopes, postage, assembly, photography & delivery are extra. All printing and design fees or advertising budget payments must be prepaid prior to going to print or digital advertising campaigns beginning. Unless artwork is created within two days in which a full amount would be due, a fifty percent deposit is required prior to producing any drafts or proofs, with the remaining balance due prior to files being emailed, sent to print or websites being made live. If we are fully booked and projects need completion within 2 weeks, a 20% rush fee will be added and 50% if it requires weekends. Flat rates are based on services at $100 per hour with a one hour minimum.


A 3% credit card processing fee plus 31 cents per transaction is optional. We prefer payments tied to a contract via Square to protect both parties, so Cashapp & Venmo is a last resort. Zelle with a noted invoice number is acceptable if within limits. We also accept checks however, this may delay the start of a project due to processing times. ACH payments (funded by checking or savings withdrawal vs a credit or debit card) incur a 1% fee and will also delay the start of your project. 


Rates are based on clear digital photos being provided via email. Price includes image retouching but not repair. Photo restoration, removal of text and providing new images in the revision stage will be billed hourly. Price includes one major redesign (if needed) and two rounds of minor text changes for up to one hour of work . Subsequent revisions are billed at the hourly rate with a one hour minimum. Any custom estimates provided are valid for 30 days. Once a deposit is given and work begins, the deposit is non-refundable, the contract cannot be cancelled, and the full amount will be due upon completion of the work. If production did not begin, you may select an alternate service for the same amount, with prior notice. The balance is due once work is completed and reached its revision limit, whether it is ultimately sent to print, posted or made live or not.

If changes, approvals or other essential information needed to complete a project are delayed after the original time frame given, we reserve the right to reschedule its completion to our next available production start date. If changes or approvals are not given, placing a project on hold and there are more than 2 weeks of no communication, it will be considered complete and the balance will be due. There is a $50 NSF charge for physical checks or auto-billing denials, which may result in a denial of further services. Late balances will incur a 25% per month late penalty that begin accrual at 7 days past due. Monthly accounts must be paid before the billing date or a late fee will be assessed.


Unless contracted for copy writing, you will be responsible for providing all of the text used in the designs, already proofed and approved to be used “as is”. Based on our marketing and advertising experience, we will use creative license to edit for the best outcome. Pictures must be sent online, if applicable, If a large amount of stock photography is required, there is a minimum $150 photo search fee. Costs for each stock photo vary and are additional.


Regarding logo designs, you have the right to trademark the image. If you plan on using designs for merchandising where the logo itself creates the value of the product, you have the option to separately buy the rights to the design. We do not provide layered source files to protect from our files being used or sold as templates or having work accredited to other designers, or errors thereafter being accredited to us. File delivery is via email or download link normally as a pdf or jpg, or uploaded to your site.


With the exception of logos, all designs are the rights of Seda Custom Design. As a result, all designs with the exception of standard size business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and maintenance on websites not created by us, will bear a mandatory “Designed by” credit & web address. If desired, you may select its location. Designs may appear on our web sites and social media accounts. If desired you can request we change or cover up personal info, or have a delayed posting date. Print management is at least $75 for each file.


Payment of a deposit, invoice or online product means that you have read and agree to these terms, policies including regarding refunds and revision limits. Payment means you are providing your electronic agreement to our terms. It has never occurred, but this also means you agree to binding arbitration as a legal resolution to disputes.