If you’re looking for excellence that leaps off the page and exudes through the screen, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a quick layout or template on the cheap, we’re probably not the right fit. But if you have something truly special, like a passion project, a book you’ve poured your heart into, a business you’ve built from the ground up, a powerful ministry, or perhaps a loved one who's legacy you want to honor... then Welcome.

As an Art Director and Copywriter with a degree in design and over 20 years experience, my clients know that making their brand look great is just the beginning. 

I fully immerse myself on the level of a method actor into your project, to wholeheartedly create an unparalleled product.


Clients entrust me with their passions and know that I will personally work with them to make it successful and deliver professional agency quality results. To meet my own standards of excellence, I’ll advise you about what words need to be said, the right photography needed or I will fix it as a part of the process.

All designers are not created equal. If you're ready for the next level ... then Welcome.


If you need agency quality graphic design and advertising and marketing, but believe you don't have to pay agency prices...then Welcome. With capabilities ranging from logos, web design, copywriting and printing to online advertising, search engine optimization and social media management, we can be your total in-house creative and marketing team.

In the past you may have followed the corporate line and ended up with a soul-less, bland, cookie-cutter brand. One that anyone could insert their name on or that doesn't speak for who you really are. You look at what you have now, and know deep down that its lacking something. What you need is not a self-taught You-Tuber, but someone with a professional design education and advertising & marketing experience to know how to really make it right. If you want to make a lasting impression...then Welcome.



When your passionate cause meets our passionate design and branding, its a perfect match. When you need to visually communicate your values, get donors, catapult a movement and increase awareness, then we can be your long term partners for success. More than just creating a layout, we strategically work with you on the best plan of action for content that delivers results.



Just as you wouldn’t trust anyone to lay hands on you, why let just anyone lay hands on your brand, your vision, mission, outreach or your calling. Particularly a non-believer. We believe and know there is an anointing here to provide you with the brand and visuals that Christ desires for you. Often our visuals are created in advance without even seeing the words you've prepared, yet they coincide perfectly, because the Holy Spirit is at work in us. So if you’re looking for a place where “Prayer is a part of the Design Process” and desire a visual solution that touches the heart, reaches the lost and draws the soul....then Welcome.

I look forward to working with you and helping you elevate your presence to the level of excellence that God desires.


Page Dedication to the Memory of Sheila M. Ferguson



(a sampling of current & past clients)

DemsVote (Democrats Vote)
A Celebrity Auction House
(Name NDA protected)

Lagrant Communications - (Nissan, ACLU

The California Lottery, Southern California Edison, Union Bank & KQED, Las Vegas Visitors & Convention

US Air Force / The Pentagon
Elevator Equipment Corporation
Celebrity Landscaper & TV Host Ahmed Hassan
Influencer Sara Lovestyle
J.E.Sims & Associates
The LaMont Shedrick Group
Roots Nutrition & Fitness
LaPaz Mortgage

McAlpin & Company Real Estate Investment
Watkins Realty

Optimal Credit
Henderson Financial Solutions
Dr. Christina McAlpin, MD FACS
Richard W. McGinnis, Estate Planning Attorney
Pearce Law
Klazema Communications


Pasadena Police Department
Pasadena RoseBowl
Pasadena PONY League
International Black Firefighters Association
Upper San Gabriel Water District
Rosemary Children's Services
Hands of Healing Residential Treatment Service
Women of Color Breast Cancer
Association of Pan African Doctoral Scholars
Southern California Schools Coalition

The Learning Tree Child Development Center
Progressive Achievement Center
MPYD - John Muir High School
Del Campo High School - Norcal Cougars


Bishop Frank Stewart - Zoe Christian Fellowship

Crenshaw Christian Center

Calvary Presbyterian Church

Abundant Harvest LIFT Church

Daughters of Divine Destiny

Varetta Heidleburg - Instruments of Praise
Panorama Baptist Church
Abundant Life Apostolic Community Church
Grow In Grace Church
Tree of Life Tabernacle & Gemss Ministry

Kingdom of God International

Friendship Baptist Church

88th Street Baptist Church

Southern Baptist Convention

God Created Fine Jewelry
Glory to Glory Apparel
Sactown Threading Place
Beauty & Health Cultivations
Lashed by Kimmy

Exquisite Hair Salon
Intercept Catering

A Taste of Travel Blog
Overcome Lupus Blog
Recording Artist, Jasmine Sullivan
Gabrielle Pina & Letters From Zora
Monique N. Matthews
Kimberly James

Angela D. Holmes